Taking our responsibilities seriously

Supporting our community. Empowering our people. Protecting our customers.


We’re serious about having a positive impact on the environment, the communities our borrowers serve and the talented people that make up our team.

From rewarding borrowers that use environmentally sound practices and contributing to social regeneration in underinvested regions, to supporting our employees’ career development and fostering diversity and mental health awareness, we get it done when it comes to ESG.

Underpinning our business with these principles helps us have a positive impact on the society we live in, while providing better returns and long-term value to our investors and stakeholders.


We have a track record of providing buy-to-let and development loans that incentivise borrowers to build energy-efficient properties or improve the existing energy efficiency rating (EPC rating).
We finance borrowers that are developing sustainably and regenerating old housing stock, avoiding demolition where possible and improving the energy efficiency. We will continue to offer innovative products in the future that promote sustainability and decarbonisation while also using the scalability of our platform to plug into different market segments in need of ‘green’ finance.
Our technology provides borrowers with an end-to-end paperless application process, significantly reducing unnecessary paper waste, water usage and significantly reducing CO2 emissions. We have withdrawn the use of non-reusable plastics, encourage staff to cycle or walk to work and our London office has both an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating and a ‘B’ EPC rating.

“At LendInvest, our ESG values and principles are central to the success of our platform. The nature of our business means that for many of the loans we originate new housing stock is put into the system, which helps to alleviate the housing crisis, or older stock is improved to comply with higher energy efficiency standards, which helps minimise the carbon impact of housing.”

Rod Lockhart, Chief Executive Officer


We provide finance to SME landlords and developers. These borrowers are vital in alleviating the undersupply of housing to the UK market and benefiting the local economy. We are committed to supporting borrowers that are adding additional stock through new development or regeneration and fostering a political environment that supports our borrowers.
The LendInvest Property Development Academy, launched in 2016, is a non-profit initiative designed to improve the skills of SME property developers, that has had over 400 graduates across 6 UK cities.
Over 3,000 new homes built or being brought to market are contributing to the real economy, by helping to create 13,000+ jobs through our development lending programme.

“From supporting our employees’ career development to fostering diversity and mental health awareness programmes, we go to great lengths to ensure our actions reflect our strong values.”

Melanie Oakley, Chief People Officer

Empowering people

As a team we are passionate about celebrating our differences, and ensuring we have representation from all backgrounds across the business.
Supporting our employees' growth and development is a high priority for the team. Our in-house mentoring scheme has helped connect employees together to share experiences and expertise.
Creating an open dialogue around mental health goes hand in hand with good management, we prioritise providing our employees with the support they need, when they need it.

“Our commitment to our ESG principles allows us to create a sustainable business that provides long-term value to our stakeholders, and better risk-adjusted returns to investors.”

Hugo Davies, Head of Capital Markets


We have two FCA regulated subsidiaries within the Group and all of our Executive Committee members are certified for the purposes of the FCA’s Senior Managers Regime. The SMCR Conduct Rules apply across the business.
We take the protection our client’s assets seriously, whether that means their money or their data.
With in-depth credit and fraud checks and high quality underwriting, we have been awarded the highest possible ARC Rating for the last six consecutive years.
As a business we ensure we are at the forefront of technological developments that enhance the security of our lending.

Corporate Governance

The Board is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance appropriate for a company of its size and status. The Board has decided that we will comply with the principles set out in the QCA Code and we have set out here how we seek to apply these principles. The QCA Code sets out a standard of minimum best practice for small and mid-sized companies, particularly AIM companies.

Our Board currently comprises seven directors:

  • Christian Faes (Executive Chair)
  • Rod Lockhart (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Ian Thomas (Chief Investment Officer)
  • Michael Evans (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Stephan Wilcke (Senior Independent Director)
  • Penny Judd (Independent Non-Executive Director)
  • Dale Murray (Independent Non-Executive Director)

The Board believes that the composition of the Board provides an appropriate balance between Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors and brings a desirable range of skills and experience in light of our challenges and opportunities. We regard each of Stephan Wilcke, Penny Judd and Dale Murray as “independent non-executive directors” within the meaning of the QCA Code. The QCA Code also recommends that companies should consider whether it is appropriate to have a senior independent director to act as a sounding board and intermediary for the chair or other board members. We have appointed Stephan Wilcke to act as our Senior Independent Director. We are committed to the appointment of an additional Non-Executive Director in short order, such that half of the Board will comprise independent Non-Executive Directors, and this process is ongoing.

In adherence with the recommendations of the QCA Code, we have also established an Audit & Risk Committee, the Nomination Committee and the Remuneration Committee, each with formally delegated duties and responsibilities and with written terms of reference.

  • The Audit & Risk Committee is chaired by Penny Judd and its other members are Stephan Wilcke and Dale Murray. Penny Judd is deemed by the Board to have the requisite recent and relevant financial expertise. Its terms of reference can be accessed here.
  • The Nomination Committee is chaired by Stephan Wilcke and its other members are Christian Faes, Penny Judd and Dale Murray. Its terms of reference can be accessed here.
  • The Remuneration Committee is chaired by Stephan Wilcke and its other members are Penny Judd and Dale Murray. Its terms of reference can be accessed here.

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